Famous Temples in Vrindavan

Vrindavan is situated 10 km to the north of Mathura district, near the Agra-Delhi highway of Uttar Pradesh. The town hosts hundreds of temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna.

It is believed that the essence of Vrindavan was lost over time until the 16th century, when it was rediscovered by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. In the year 1515, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu wandered through the different sacred forests of Vrindavana in a spiritual trance of divine love. It was believed that he was able to locate all the important places of Krishna’s pastimes in and around Vrindavan by His divine spiritual power.

In Vrindavan darshan of Govinda is meaningful only when the devotee has the good fortune of having a look at the benign face of Govinda, the gracious bosom of Gopinath and the holy feet of Madanmohan.

The most popular Temples

Prem Mandir is the most beautiful and perfect, religious and spiritual complex situated on a 54-acre of land on the edges of Vrindavan, is one of the newest temples devoted to Divine Love. The temple structure was set up by Kripalu Maharaj. The principle structure  constructed in marble looks lovely and is an educational monument that reflects the genuine history of Sanatana Dharma. The temple was opened to public on 17 February 2012. The presiding deity are Shri Radha Krishn and Shri Sita Ram. A 73,000 square feet, pillar-less, dome shaped satsang hall is being constructed next to Prem Mandir, which will accommodate 25,000 people at a time.

vrindavan prem mandir

The Birla or Gita Temple is 5 km from Mathura on the Mathura – Vrindavan highway. It is a beautiful structure with the entire Gita inscribed on its pillars.

Govind Dev (Govindaji) Temple was a 7 storeyed red sandstone building constructed by Man Singh, king of Amber in 1590. The walls of this temple built in the pattern of a Greek Cross. The temple combines western, Hindu and Muslim architectural elements in its structure. It was destroyed by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.

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govind dev temple vrindavan

On the right side of the market place stands the Rangaji Temple dedicated to Shri Ranganathji or Lord Vishnu asleep on his couch of the divine serpent Ananta. The temple built in the Dravidian style has a tall gopuram (gateway), of six storeys and a gold-plated Dhwaja stambha, 50 feet high. The ten-day-long celebrations are marked by the pulling of the rath by the devotees from the temple to the adjoining gardens.

Rang Nath Temple Vrindavan

Advancing a little along the lane in front, one come across Bhajan Ashram (Meerabai Ashram) or Meerabai Temple, where 2000 orphan women sing bhajan in praise of Srikrishna. It is located at southern side of shahji temple near Nidhivan.

The golden idol of Radha Raman set up in the Shahji Temple built in 1876 with attractive designed italian marble. The place assumes a festive lookon the occasion of Jhulan and Ras when the chandeliers are lighted and fountains set off. Bastraharan Ghat on the Yamuna is further ahead. There are 38 more ghats of mythological fame but all of them become dry except five.

Shah Ji Temple Vrindavan

Radha Damodar Mandir Located at Seva Kunj, the Mandir was established in 1542 by Srila Jiva Goswami. The deities of Sri Radha Damodar are here. There are many more deities in various other temples. Other objects of interest for the tourists are the Samadhi of venerated saints like Krishnadas Kaviraj, Jiv Goswami, Rup Goswami in the courtyard of Radha Damodar.

Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple  at Raman Reti, 3 km from the heart of the town was founded by ISKCON. It is one of the most beautiful temples in Vrindavan today. Krishna and Balram with Radha–Shyamasundar are the presiding deities in this temple. Adjoining the temple is the samadhi of Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, built in pure white marble.

Sri Krishna Balaram Temple Vrindavan

The custom prevailing at the Banke Bihari Temple is that the devotees should have only Jhanki darshan of the deity. The Shrine built in 1862 is dedicated to Banke Bihari whose idol was founded in Nidhivan by Swami Haridas.

banke bihari temple vrindavan

Other Places of interest which the tourist should visit while going round the town are Radha Vallab Temple built in 1626, Jugal Kishore of 1027, the glass temple of outstanding artistry and also the temples of Lalababu, Shyamsundar, Ashtasakhi and Gopinath. All of them are within a distance of 3 km from one another.

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