All You Need To Know: Pushkar Camel Fair or Cattle Fair

Rajasthan is one of the glamorous destinations of the world. This is a state located in the northern belt of India. Rajasthan is quite famous for is rich culture as well as traditions. But Pushkar is a blend of both desert and lakes. It is a small town situated at the periphery of Thar Desert. The famous Pushkar fair in this exotic state describes the rich Rajasthan culture. Pushkar Fair is the world’s largest camel fair held in the holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. The grand Pushkar festival is a wonderful experience that will make a magical sojourn to the royal state of Rajasthan. It is a time for the Rajasthan people to forget the life of arid desert and get soaked them in festive fervor. This is a beautiful festival and pulls enormous crowds and there is no difference between the foreigner and native. All are equal in this fair and it becomes a pure entertainment.

In 2016 Camel fair held on 8th -16th November


Pushkar Fair is the world famous five-day fair held in Kartika Mas which is roughly in month of October-November. This fair has been attracting tourists from all over the world and becomes a hit destination for tourism. Camel riding, Hot air balloon rides and Bullock riding are some of the most popular leisure activities undertaken by tourists. The Fair is the main source of income for village dwellers, as they sell their livestock here. There are several competitions, which becomes a great source of entertainment for the visitors. Some of them are- Mandana competition, Turban Tying competition, Kabaddi competition, Mustache Competition, Wrestling competitions and many more.

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You can spend the cultural holidays in Rajasthan during the season of this fair. This is a good option. When you attend such gatherings, you are well acquainted with the culture of the state. This fair revolves around the famous temple of Pushkar and the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, a principal deity in Hindu religion. There is also a lake and this has got 52 bathing Ghats. Thousands religiously wash themselves while chanting “Asvodiyov Brahma”. A dip in Pushkar Lake is said to wash away all sin and cleanse the body and soul alike.

Pushkar lake ghat

There is something for everyone at this wonderful, picturesque Mela with Ferris Wheel rides, fortune-telling “Amazing Computer”, folk and tribal dance performances, snake-charmers, carousel rides, traditional food, all kinds of sheep, goats, camels, horses, cows, bulls decked with vibrant clothes and ornaments, turban-tying contest, hot-air balloon shows and even Circus and gymnast performances.  You can even buy traditional Rajasthani garments and accessories. The garments sold here present a perfect blend of hippie and traditional culture. Besides it is also known for its antique articles, which are shopped in large number by the visitors. Roses of Pushkar are very famous, and are used for making Ittar.

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Besides this, you will also have the good fortune to participate in the folk dancing. You will also interact with dancers, musicians, traders, comedians and acrobats. You can even be the participant or a judge in the solo performance depending on your experience in these areas. All you can say is that the Pushkar fair is simply for the purpose of joy and happiness on the faces of people.

camel dance in pushkar fair

As a complete package, it is a perfect place to accommodate the Global Tourist who wishes to capture the real essence of Rajasthan. The atmosphere of Pushkar is deeply saturated with Rajasthan’s culture, religion, society, gastronomy and trade. f you are planning to visit Pushkar during the Camel Fair, it is highly advised to book accommodation well in advance. Luxury tent services are also provided (if you want a taste of living like the tribal folk) with amenities such as running water, comfortable beds, shower, 5-star quality meals and Wi-Fi facilities.

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